How to choose the right epilator in India – tips and guide

Do you know what to look for in an epilator? With epilation technology improving every year knowing and understanding today’s new features will help in selecting the best epilator in India for you! Silky smooth skin is an essential part of a vibrant, youthful and beautiful appearance. Millions of men and women, all over the globe, prefer to use an epilator over waxing or shaving for removing unwanted hair.

For women in particular, cosmetic hair removal is an essential part of their personal care routine with epilators providing a convenient and affordable way to do this at home. The desire to remove hair from “unwanted” places is nothing new. For thousands of years women have used a variety of hair removal techniques in their quest for smoother skin. Ranging from sea shells to blades made from stone – hair removal has come a long way since the early days.

When choosing the right epilator for you, you’ll want to look at the most advanced lines within your price range. With recent improvements in design and engineering, epilating has become less painful, more convenient and compact. They are available in wet and dry, cordless, battery operated and corded designs. Fortunately, with today’s more advanced methods hair removal is less painful and much easier to achieve. Of course, not all epilation appliances are created equal. This article is designed to help you find a great epilator of 2017 for you at an affordable price.

Top Epilators in India 2017

There are many brands of epilators available on the market today, they come with different features and tweezers setting. These epilators also differ in sizes, functionality and prices. Here are some of the best epilator you can find in 2017.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator
It is the best epilator on the market, at this moment, not only because it is a whole body system device, but also because it has incorporated the latest technology to bring the best results for the consumer. 40-tweezer technology is the only way to epilate these days; the Epil 7 is the king of efficiency and can grab even the tiniest hairs (up to 0.5mm). The pivoting head makes getting those hard to pull hairs on curvier parts like the knees very manageable and the smart light is fantastic for finding those finer stragglers. The Silk Epil 7 is a pretty perfect epilator. I tried epilating underarms but found it painful. The producer promises that the epilator can remove hairs as fine as a grain of sand (0.5 mm) from the root, using the 40 Close-grip tweezers technology, to leave skin smooth for up to four weeks.

It might seem like one that causes quite a great deal of pain but that’s usually in the beginning, especially if you are not used to a method that removes hair from the root. So,I trim it,but believe me, the trimmer gives me such a smooth result that now I am totally loving it. Other than that, the only con is the high price, it makes it not that affordable to us all. With the help of a trimmer cap, I can cut it down even and then go for a close trim, same with the bikini area.It takes me hardly 30-45 minutes to epilate full arms, legs and underarms. I use the facial cap in emergencies for a few thick hair under my chin.

Emjoi AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer
epilator 2017The AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer by Emjoi is the little type of epilator. It’s a tiny epilator which is battery operated and works on hair one at a time. You work it in a circle motion over your unnecessary hair and it entraps your hairs and plucks them one by one as it goes. Since the hair is eradicated up to the root it doesn’t grow back as fast as it would when you trimmed or shaved or utilized a depilatory lotion, both of which trim off hair at the skin. Like some system that pulls hair out from the root it could be hurtful and by coping with a hair one at a time you can delay the agony a little however tweezing hair one at a time might be all you can live with particularly if you utilize it as an accurate epilator for your skin face.

Also, this tool is less painful which makes tweezing very easy. It is planned to eradicate even the finest and smallest hair with pinpoint accuracy. What’s more, the Emjoi, AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer lets you to remove the unwanted hair everywhere without scratching, irritation or pulling like usual tweezers. It is tiny and battery operated therefore you can have it with you every time.

Braun SE 3170 Epilator
epilator in IndiaThe EverSoft attachment of Braun has dual floating rollers with small nodes the pleasantly relax and stimulate the skin preventing pain as this tool plucks hairs out as little as 0.5 mm therefore skin remain silky for up to 4 weeks. There are two speeds give the selection of either gentle and slow or fast epilation. The device is light in weight and ergonomically shaped to suit the hand contentedly and also encased attractively in plastic with grips which is matte-finished for secure handling. Moreover, you can save cash on disposable blades and prevent the waxing pain with this SoftPerfection epilator by Braun. This device diminishes even small, flay-lying hair therefore you can have smooth and silky skin for about 4 weeks. Also, it is very gently and essentially decreases the pain which some other hair removal schemes cause.

Epilator Features

  • Silk-epil SoftPerfection takes a moderate approach to hair elimination
  • It has an exclusive 4-way moving pain easing you into epilation
  • To active roller massage to stimulate the little knots of skin prior ad after the tresses is remove minimizing pulling sensation
  • SoftLift system provide you the extra fine hair elimination can diminish hair as little as 0.5 mm for the softness of lengthy duration
  • It comes with added attachments for bikini and underarm
  • Ergonomic for better handling, letting better maneuverability and better control
  • Two speeds provide you the selection between slow and quick epilation
  • The head of the device has a Efficiency Pro clip that covers a big part of skin in just one shot, a fast waxing which lasts
  • A cleaning brush is incorporated for fast and simple maintenance
  • The epilator is encased in an attractive pink box with grips for easy handling

Emjoi AP-98R OptiMax Epilator
The AP-98R OptiMax Epilator by Emjoi is an innovative hair removal system which is rechargeable and has an exclusive epilation head with dual-opposed tweezers. It eradicates tresses from the root for permanent or enduring results therefore you will be hair-free for about six weeks. If you diminish hair up to the root redevelopment of hair is finer and slower than shaving. This type of device has a formed design which holds the skin tight therefore pain and discomfort is reduced. In addition to this, it features patented hair directions which channel short and flat hair in the hair eradication discs. This epilator from Emjoi eradicates hair from chin and upper lip, bikini lines, legs and underarms. It is also perfect for travel and very easy to utilize.

Buying an Epilator in India

As we said there are countless brands and types of epilator available in India. Choosing the right epilator that satisfy you may be a difficult task. Unlike a good hair straightener, there are many things which you need to look before you buy this device. Epilators are small, hand-held electrical appliances that remove hair by grasping several hairs at once and pulling them out by the root. You might be tempted by claims that epilators leave skin looking and feeling smooth for longer than shaving. Whilst waxing can be carried out safely at home, the results are not as smooth or effective as a salon treatment. I know that’s debatable, the argument being that if you let the hairs grow for months and months then they are just as thick and as many. This method for hair removal essentially works the same way that waxing does.

  • Some epilators claim to leave long-lasting smooth skin for up to four weeks, but how long this will last depends largely on how quickly your hair generally grows back.
  • Epilation on the other hand can be carried out from the convenience of home and is a relatively quick and easy method of hair removal.
  • However, since I epilate once every 2 weeks on average, I measure the results within that time frame.
  • When the liquified wax hardens on the skin it completely envelopes any surface hair and removes it by the root when the wax is pulled off.
  • Unlike waxing, many epilators let you get to work on your skin whether it’s dry or in the bath.
  • Because it removes the hair right at the root, regrowth is slower and finer, making hairs less noticeable, and an epilator can be used on any part of the body including the face.
  • The longest I let my hair grow is for a whole month in the winter when I’m lazy.

Additionally, waxing will also remove microscopic skin cells from the outer epidermis requiring an additional healing process that is less pronounced by epilation. You might be put off by the prospect of pain. Epilation is also ideal for those with more sensitive skin and is safe to use without the risk of irritation. From my personal experience, I can tell you that there are a lot less hairs on my skin and they’re thinner, too! Although the hair is pulled out by the root, the entire root is not removed from beneath the skin. It’s worth bearing in mind that lots of epilators come with ‘caps’ (attachments you put over the head of the epilator) that are designed to remove hair more gently. An epilator cause less pain and mess compared to waxing and much efficient and good for the skin as-well. Power is one imperative aspect as it runs the device.

This is why hair growth returns after four to six weeks – depending on your personal hair growth rate. Although an epilating process works better on dry skin, more and more women have started to prefer the wet epilation because it is kinder to the skin, therefore the level of pain is lower. It involves in less running costs and last for a long period of time. Basically, power is decided upon the number of tweezers it contains. You can choose between a corded and a cordless epilator.

This model of epilator is designed especially to work in the shower or underwater and because it is cordless, you should always charge it before each use. Now it is time we present you with in-depth and honest my epilator reviews with the hope that at the end you will have understood the important features and specifications that set them apart and possible given you a reason to pick one . The tweezers are responsible for pulling out hair from roots and more tweezers mean more fast & fine epilating. Some cordless epilators allow you to use them with a power lead or as a cordless model. The most well-known epilator with most tweezers is Emjoi Ap-18 as it contains 72 tweezers.

The benefit of having a cordless epilator is that it makes the device more convenient if you like to travel, or if you want to use it away from a power outlet. On the other hand, you can be sure of having a constant and reliable epilating experience when you choose a corded epilator. Unlike a cordless model, you can rely on your corded epilator to never run out of power so that you don’t have to wait for hours on end until it has charged up again so that you can carry on using it.

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